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Battle Spirits Saga: Starter Deck [SD02] – Call of the Curse


Battle Spirits Saga: Starter Deck [SD02] – Call of the Curse


Release on April 2023
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The Core set provide everything you need to start with Battle Spirits Saga: Booster Packs and Cores. Combined with a unique promo card, this is a must-have for every player!
A brand-new card game from Bandai based on the long-running Battle Spirits trading card game. After 14 years and over 60 booster sets in Japan, Battle Spirits is finally reborn for competitive card game players around the world.
Use cores to play Spirit, Nexus, and Magic cards as you take on your opponent. Are you ready for a revolutionary card game experience?

・Deck Cards x50

・Play Sheet x1

・Core x30

・Soul Core x1

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 8 cm


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