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Yu-Gi-Oh 2-Player Starter Set

Unveiling the Thrilling New Yu-Gi-Oh Two-Player Starter Kit

Yu-Gi-Oh has recently launched an innovative Two-Player Starter Kit, packed with intriguing new cards. This kit is a landmark release for 2024, marking the first of its kind since the release of the Egyptian God Decks in 2021.

This new kit represents a significant evolution from the 2015 2-Player Starter Deck Yuya & Declan, which contained only 21 cards per player. The current edition introduces two complete decks and a guided duel format, enhancing the experience for newcomers. Within its 88-card collection, it includes reprints of sought-after competitive cards like Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder.

Projected as a top product launch for 2024, the kit is perfect for those wanting to bring new players into the Yu-Gi-Oh fold or for fans seeking to obtain popular Extra Deck monsters. Here’s an in-depth look at the key features:

Guided Duels:

A highlight of this Two-Player Starter Kit is its educational aspect. The kit addresses the difficulty of teaching new players about advanced decks by offering a scripted duel in a 64-page graphic novel format.

This allows players to follow along with a narrative while playing their first duel, with deck cards arranged to align with the comic’s plot. It serves as an ideal introduction for both experienced duelists teaching Yu-Gi-Oh and beginners exploring the dueling universe.

What’s Inside:

The kit includes two comprehensive decks, each centered around a specific summoning technique: Synchros and Xyz. The Synchro deck features cards like Elemental HERO Sparkman and Swords of Revealing Light, whereas the Xyz deck includes the powerful Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder.


The main attraction of the Synchro deck is the Level 10 Synchro Mannadium Prime-Heart, along with the themed Tuner Visas Starfrost and the Level 6 Synchro Coral Dragon, bolstered by additional Tuners and Light non-Tuner monsters.


In the Xyz deck, Divine Arsenal AA-ZEUS – Sky Thunder leads with its unique XYZ summon This deck also includes diverse cards like Quillbolt Hedgehog, Phantom King Hydride, Beast King Barbaros, and Gagaga Magician.


Moreover, the set contains beloved cards such as Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Cyber Dragon, Magical Cylinder, Galaxy Cyclone, and others. Each deck is made up of 40 commons and 4 Ultra Rares, summing up to 80 commons and 8 Ultra Rares in total.

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