Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden No More: Infinite Possibilities Await in Infinite Forbidden!

Duellists, prepare to shatter the boundaries of the forbidden zone! Konami announces the arrival of Infinite Forbidden, a revolutionary new booster set of the beloved Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, launching in April 2024 in OCG, and hopefully for TCG market in August, after Legacy of Destruction.

Infinite Forbidden may tear down the traditional limitations of the Forbidden List, bringing back iconic cards previously deemed too powerful for competitive play. From the powerful “Dark Hole” to the ever-present “Pot of Desires”, these legendary cards may return, untamed and ready to reshape the duel meta.

But that’s not all! Infinite Forbidden may introduce a wave of ground-breaking new cards designed to push the boundaries of deckbuilding to strategic depth. Expect innovative mechanics, game-changing Summons, and much more to warp the very fabric of the Duel.

Unleash the Forbidden:

  • Classic cards reborn: Witness the return of fan-favorite monsters, Spells, and Traps, once deemed too powerful, now unleashed upon the Duel.
  • Unleash Forbidden potential: New cards’ synergies with the return of Forbidden arsenal, unlocking explosive combos and strategies.
  • Beyond the Forbidden: Discover an all-new pool of cards designed to push the boundaries of the game, introducing unique mechanics and world-altering effects.

Infinite Forbidden promises an experience unlike any other in Yu-Gi-Oh! History, even outshining previous sets like Phantom Darkness or Power of the Elements. Prepare to explore the uncharted territory of unbridled power, where the lines between forbidden and essential blur. Will you bend the rules to achieve victory, or will you stand firm and defend the traditional Order? The choice is yours, Duellists.


*In the pics we can have a lock of some Iconic cards regenerate, to support the power of the Forbidden One.

*Effect and more will be change and have to be confirmed.